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Caramel Apple Fundraiser

Caramel Apple Fundraiser

If you are searching for a better way to raise money for your organization, we have a great fundraiser program. Try a creative approach, not the same old fundraisers.

Achieving Success is Simple! We provide a PDF of your custom order form with your logo. You can choose 4 - 6 gourmet caramel apples from our selection, or we can make suggestions on the most popular flavors. Set your dates to sell and promote the gourmet apples – remind your team to tell everyone they know on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Step “outside the box” and try fun and creative ways to raise money for your organization. Once you gather all your orders on your chosen end date, send us the compiled list along with a deposit, and we start making your custom treats.

The standard gourmet apples sell between $11.00 - $13.00 each. Petite gourmet apples sell between $8.00 - $10.00. Which means you can make more than double the cost - up to $6.00 per apple sold for your organization!!

Standard Gourmet Apples

  • Minimum 100 apples - $8.00
  • More than 200 apples - $7.00

Petite Gourmet Apples

  • Minimum 100 petite apples - $6.00
  • More than 200 petite apples - $5.50

Note: We don't offer classic caramel and classic with nuts for fundraisers.

Basically, your group takes the orders, you send the final count to us and we turn the order around in a week for you to deliver. You keep all profits for your organization - it's that easy.

caramel apple fundraiser contact information

We encourage you to call or email us to discuss your specific fundraising needs, dates, transport or shipping costs for apples, etc. And please, reach out with any questions.